I currently have TWO pinball machines

1. Black Jack - Solid-State Version (Bally 1977) "Simple but fun!"

Purchased: August 2020

Nice example of this machine.

Cabinet was stripped and veneered, thus it has a different look.

2. Flipper Football #2 (Capcom 1996) "It's Baaaaack!!!! (not the exact same machine)"

Purchased: September 2020

Never exepcted I would get another one of these!

In pretty good shape. Unfortunate I got rid of the ball topper and extra NOS playfield back in 2012

Past machines (2001-2012)

Flipper Football #1(Capcom 1996) "Working great!"

Purchased: January 2006 (Was shipped from Vancouver)

Sold January 2012

I LOVE this game...Kick the ... ball!

And I now have the 'ultra rare' TOPPER!!! WOOHOO!!!

I also have a Brand new NOS playfield for it!!! (to be installed soon!)

More pics and info HERE

The Shadow (Bally 1994) "Finally! Got one! (Needs a shop job)"

Purchased: November 2006

Sold: November 2011

Indianapolis 500 (Bally 1995) It's a great day for racing! (Needs minor adjustments)"

Purchased: May 2007

Sold: 2010 IIRC...went to Alberta

Breakshot (Capcom 1996) "Needs a cleanup and an opto fix!"

Purchased: May 2008

Sold: May 2010 in Allentown

Pinball Machines that I've owned...(as of May 18th 2008)

City Slicker (Bally 1987)

Purchased: November 2001 Sold: December 2002

El Dorado (Gottlieb 1975) (no pic)

Purchased: December 2002 Sold: January 2003

F-14 Tomcat (Williams 1987)

Purchased: April 2003 Sold: Same day to my father

Re-purchased: November 2011 Sold: December 2011

Big Shot (Gottlieb 1974)

Purchased: November 2003 Sold: December 2003

SlugFest (Williams 1991)

Purchased: December 2003 Traded: January 2004

Bram Stocker's Dracula #1 (Williams 1993)

Got in trade: December 2003 Sold: April 2004

The Getaway: High Speed II (Williams 1992)

Got in trade: January 2004 Sold: May 2004

Cheetah (Stern 1980)

Purchased: November 2004 Traded: November 2004

Creature From The Black Lagoon (Bally 1993)

Purchased: November 2002 Sold: March 2005

Big Guns (Williams 1987)

Purchased: December 2003 Sold: March 2005

Dirty Harry (Williams 1994)

Purchased: December 2004 Sold: January 2006

Meteor (Stern 1979)

Got in trade: December 2004 (plus extra cabinet Jan. 2005) Traded to brother for Services: April 2006

Fire! (Williams 1987)

Purchased: April 2006 Sold: May 2006 (I had to let it go for the Black Rose)

Black Rose (Bally 1992)

Purchased: May 2006 Sold: November 2006 (Goin' to Calgary!)

Nitro Ground Shaker (Bally 1978)

Purchased: August 2006 Sold: December 2006

Big Game (Stern 1980)

Purchased: August 2005 Sold: February 2007

Judge Dredd (Bally 1993)

Purchased: April 2005 Sold: May 2007 (Goin' to Edmonton!)

Bram Stoker's Dracula #2 (Williams 1993)

Purchased: September 2006 Sold: April 2008 (To somewhere near Toronto)

Other notable machines that I've owned...(2001-2021)

- Hit The Ice (non-dedicated upright)

Purchased: November 2001 Sold: Late 2002 / Early 2003 (friend owned it)

- Hyper Olympic '84 (non-dedicated cocktail)

Purchased: June 2003 Sold: December 2003

- Chexx bubble hockey game (Canada Vs. Russia)

Purchased: September 2003 Traded: December 2003

Other previous Machines - (no pics)

- Gottlieb Bounty Hunter Pinball machine - Project

Purchased: April 2020 Sold: September 2020

- Gottlieb Gold Wings Pinball machine - Project

Purchased: April 2020 Sold: September 2020

- Arcade 1UP upright arcade machine (numerous)

Last Update: 2022